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Video: Tim, John, and Bob on Marriage

We are huge fans of Tim Hawkins here at Here is a video of some excerpts from his latest available DVD with Bob Smiley and John Branyan – Rockshow Comedy Tour! Enjoy some funny truths about being in a marriage.

Have a great Father’s Day weekend!


Video: Comedian Tim Hawkins “Scary Bedtime Prayer”

Here’s a quick little video to get you going on this Friday in preparation for the weekend. I hope you are able to spend it with your family… and I hope you don’t scare your kids with this well known prayer.

On a side note, Tim Hawkins will be on Fox News Channel’s “Huckabee” as a guest of Governer Mike Huckabee this Saturday June 11. Check your local area but generally the show should begin around 8:00pm Eastern/7:00pm Central.


Dad Life Video

This video is just over a year old but it still makes me smile, especially the older guy who received very poor training on how to look tough. Ha ha! Enjoy.


Video: Husband Dies While Saving Wife During Joplin Tornado

Yesterday we had some fun so I apologize for changing the mood so quickly as we enter into the Memorial Day Holiday. This is a touching video that speaks to the heart at what’s really important in life: the ones we love.

There’s no need to expound too much as the Joplin tornado has been well covered and documented so I’ll leave you to watch the video with this lone Bible verse.

John 15:13:
13 Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.


Video: Johnny and Chachi – Killer Marriage Tips

Since the rapture didn’t happen as predicted and we are still here, it’s time to get back to business. We have some fun stuff in store for our readers as well as some serious posts in the works. Today is about fun and helpful… well, sort of… at least helpful in what not to do. Enjoy this little video from Johnny and Chachi (the same pair that brought us the Don’t Song) with special guest Gary Smalley. Killer Marriage Tips:


Swagger Wagon Video

Bringing Daddy Back does not necessarily endorse Toyota, or mini-vans for that matter, but we highly endorse anything with great lyrics and a great beat. Mad props to whatever ad agency rocked this video out! It’s been around for awhile, but it still puts a smile on our faces – partly because its funny and partly because we can relate. So, enjoy if you haven’t seen it; just be sure to turn your speakers up!


Music Video: The Don’t Song – Johnny and Chachi

The characters are a little over the top but the song is funny. Johnny and Chachi started doing some skits for churches and these characters just took off. We realize this video and song is more for couples and their relationship but that’s part of being a Daddy as well so we immediately approved it for our site. So sit back and relax and enjoy a few minutes of some good times about things a husband just shouldn’t do in regards to his wife.

Don’t do it! Regardless of how much you want to, don’t do it!