Not Guilty.

Those are the words that shocked the nation. There’s no doubt as to what my Tweet meant at roughly 2:00 pm yesterday which simply read, “#notguilty.” The Casey Anthony trial has fascinated many citizens of this country. The “Tot Mom”, as Nancy Grace nicknamed her, was found Not Guilty for murder and manslaughter, but she was found Guilty for lying to law enforcement. But make no mistake, Casey Anthony will only be remembered for getting away with murder as O.J. Simpson still is.

The reactions from the verdict range from shock to sadness to rage and anger. The celebratory manner in which the defense team immediately participated in was probably ill-advised. I don’t know if Jose Baez is the 2011 version of Johnny Cochran or not but several reactionary comments are calling this verdict – OJ Simpson II. The terms “Johnny Cochran,” “#notguilty”, and “#caseyanthonytrial” were the top three trending topics on Twitter as of roughly 3 pm yesterday. Facebook has had countless mentions of the trial as well including an event that was created to keep your Porch lights on for Caylee Marie Anthony that has well over a million attendees at the time this was written.

I honestly don’t have an opinion because I haven’t been following the case. I have not paid attention to the trial or the media coverage other than the past few days of it. Therefore, I can’t give an analysis on this trial. I can offer prayers and support for the jurors however.

I’ve been involved in the jury selection process and I’ve been picked. I was involved in a local high-profile case that lasted a week. During that week, we saw many witnesses and heard many testimonies. We were given a plethora of information as to why the person was guilty and a multitude of reasons why the person was innocent. We were informed to not take into account certain pieces of evidence, to disregard comments, and not to penalize the defendant for not testifying. We had some witnesses return during the rebuttals. It seemed like a mountain of information to go through; yet, a verdict was reached in less than an hour. The human brain is amazing.

Reaching a verdict can be taxing and overwhelming, but it is a very interesting process. I have no doubt that the jurors took their roles seriously. When someone’s life is in your hands so to speak, a vast majority of people will be diligent in making sure they do the right thing. I seriously doubt all twelve jurors lacked the “responsibility” gene. That being said, I hope the outrage that some feel are not released by committing acts of violence upon these jurors. As of the time of this writing, no juror has chosen to speak and no names have been released.

Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time though before at least one does come forward to explain their reasoning. Hiding and remaining secretive will only prolong the restlessness.

(More on this topic to come.)