That’s right! We said it and we believe it. It’s no secret that men are visually stimulated for the most part. And women are too, but they are more emotionally stimulated and connection driven.

During courtship, men usually pull out all the stops. We send gifts, write notes, wear our better clothes, and go to places or participate in events that we normally wouldn’t when trying to win the heart of that sweet little thing we saw across the way. It generally works until they get to know us. Eventually we find one that sticks around a little longer than the others and for awhile we can do no wrong.  Yay us!

Then that magical moment happens and they actually fall in love with us.  They tell their friends and giggle all night and then they have a pillow fight in their pajamas.  At least that is how I think it all happens (and don’t kill my fantasy with such particulars as the truth; I’d rather not know that I’m wrong about that last part).

Nonetheless, somewhere between the time when she decided to stick with you a little longer and that magical moment when she decided that she wanted to be your wife, she probably made a determination on whether she thought you would be good with children.  More importantly, she made a determination on whether you would be good for her children.  If a woman thinks that you will be a good Daddy, then her attraction level towards you increases.  On the contrary, if she thinks that you would not be a good Daddy then you are probably on a short leash and she is participating in occasional “window shopping”.

A recent study shows that women are able to see subtle changes of expressions in a man’s face and determine if they like children.  The study also reveals that women preferred a long-term relationship with the men that did show an affinity for children.  For the men whose facial expressions did not show a fondness for children, women primarily opted for nothing more than a short-term relationship.  I kind of made my own conclusion on this, but I understand this to mean that they would date these men but only until they decided they were looking for a marriage partner.  These men would be okay for as long as she was still in “having fun” mode.  But that subject is for a future article.

This is not a one-sided affair however, because it works with other men too.  That’s right, there’s nothing wrong with a little man love.  I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t have a man crush on some certain professional athletes and celebrities.  It is what it is.  The more manly term is actually ‘respect’.  I respect their ability to play football, act, sing, etc.  The same thing happens when you witness another man making the right decision and showing his children how to do things the right way.  This respect is, in a way, increased attractiveness (heterosexually speaking of course – in case you were wondering where my allegiances lie).  As a man, I am more willing and able to bond with another man if he is a positive role model for his children.  I would definitely distance myself from any that might abuse their children (either physically or verbally).

So there you have it.  Be a good Daddy and you’ll increase your attractiveness.   You will gain respect among others and the mother of your children will be more likely to allow herself to love you deeper.  According to, a recent poll reveals that “72% of Americans believe that the physical absence of a father is the most significant social problem facing our country.”  We are here to do our best to remedy that so if you are making your best effort to be a Daddy to your children then you already have our respect.  So get on with your big sexy daddy self!  We got your back.