May 14th and 15th could be labeled the Weekend of the Bull in some respects. The Derrick Rose led Chicago Bulls put a man-sized beat down on the LeBron/ Wade led Miami Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Also, a very nasty PBR bull named Deja Blu, put a bull-sized beat down on NFL star receiver Chad Ochocinco. It’s recorded that Chad lasted 1.5 seconds and I’m not about to hate on the man as I doubt I would make it a full second. Here’s a video courtesy of MSNBC:

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I point these things out this weekend as I begin to bring this site back to life to emphasize something we all already know.

Life brings about unexpected events.

At least in Las Vegas, the money was mostly on the Lakers facing the Heat in the NBA Finals. The Lakers are out courtesy of a 4-game sweep from… wait, what? I thought they were supposed to lose to Portland. Oh… hmmm well, courtesy of the Dallas Mavericks. The Bulls got shafted with free agents taking their “talents” to South Beach and oh, by the way, they have a rookie head coach. Yet, they ended up with the best record in the Eastern Conference and have all the fans on South Beach wondering where the “talents” went after Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Switching sports to the NFL, we hear constantly from “experts” that we will have an NFL season. However, the lock-out is in full effect and news seems to be coming very slowly as neither side appears to possess a desire to give in on many demands. I’m not suggesting that we will not have an NFL season this year, I’m just suggesting that we don’t really know. While we wait to find out, Chad Ochocinco decided to pass the time by trying out for a professional soccer team and then gets invited by the PBR, no-less, to attempt an 8 second bull ride. What?!

Maybe you’re smarter than me (and that’s possible), but I saw none of that happening. (And I don’t even want to get into Donald Trump as a Presidential Candidate.) I also had no intention of taking a two-year hiatus from posting on this site. A ton can happen in two years, especially being married with two boys and now owning a dog.

  • My first-born is about to complete the First Grade.
  • My youngest is now three and only half-potty-trained… Lord help us!
  • I am but one semester removed from earning a college degree.  –> Perseverance pays off kids.
  • I am also two years older, surely at least a few months wiser, and two years full of stories to share.

I stated all of the above to in order to say that the Weekend of the Bull has brought us back to life. Thanks for making time for us and we appreciate those who are still patiently waiting for the next post.